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Product photography for fashion brands


Promotional material. Brand campaigns. Webshop photography. Maarten Welzen offers a wide variety of photographic skills and services. From taking individual product photos of relatively small items, to photographing larger products on a larger scale. Think about for example clothing, shoes and jewelry on its own as a product, but also worn by a model. Together with a talented team of freelancers, the highest quality and personalized service is offered in every project.


Photography for webshops has become increasingly important for companies and their revenue model. In our rapidly changing world, decent photography makes a major difference for any website or webshop, since the product becomes more tangible for its buyers. Recognizability and a sense of trust in a product both ensure a successful web shop experience in any case, regardless the type of product.


Webshop shopping is a contemporary phenomenon nowadays. The constant factor of doubt in choosing between different webshops is growing. Imagine yourself shopping in two different web shops. One contains qualitatively high product images which of course excites you as a buyer. However, the other webshop shows you images which are unclear and of poor quality. No doubt you will choose the first webshop to do a purchase. Anyone will.


The benefits of extraordinary product photography at a glance:
Highly positive website experience;
Differentiation from competitors;
Realistic views on products to sell;
Higher findability in search engines;
Faster decision time for buyers;
More product sales, fewer returns.

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